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  1. Cole
    May 26, 2011 @ 7:52 am

    Moen-Davis had a horrible start, maybe came out of the blocks around 4th. Paulsen had absolutely horrible arm movement, almost completely side to side. Not surprisingly, Micek, Wilkins, and Lampkin looked to have the best all around form, although Micek could’ve had his head down a bit longer at the start.

    • Will Cummings
      May 26, 2011 @ 12:47 pm

      Cole: I agree with everything you said. But if you think Moen-Davis’s start is horrible now, you had better dig real deep in the dictionary to find a worse word to describe what it used to be like.
      She is a low 13 hurdler—great foot speed between hurdles. If she can get that start to just being average she will be World-Class. The folks at Texas A&M are some of the best in the business at getting an athlete straight.
      Blake Micek ran a little faster last year! He is the only one of the three you mentioned that is coming back. I love watching him run; he looks like he is almost floating. If he gets his start and drive phase down he could run legit electronic 10.60s. He surprised me by winning the 200.

      • Cole
        May 26, 2011 @ 8:08 pm

        And Micek will have Gipson to push him again next year. Will be a great battle.