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  1. Huskerhighschoolfootballfan
    January 23, 2010 @ 9:40 am

    First I would like to applaud you on a very insightful analysis of Quentin Urban. I could not agree more Quentin possess the athletic ablitites of competing at the D1-A level espcially at Saftey. If he could get his speed down to 4.50 or lower he’d be a quality recruit hopefully as a Husker an either side of the ball. I’ve expressed to many High school coaches we don’t give our instate kids the opportunities they need to be recruited by Nebraska, the only D1-a college in the state. What I often hear is we lack competition and therefore lack of numbers to produce quality athletes for any D1-A level schools. I routinely return to your site as it’s my opinion you are the ONLY instate site which directly deals in the evaluation of Nebraska instate’s talent pool. Its very easy to find a site reporting on out of state recruits but not our own instate hard working athletes who aspire to attain the same goals and dream of playing for Big Red. Not only do you express opinions which I find honest and without bias, you provide film so the readers can assess that which you are speaking to. You are a credit to ALL fans, parent and student athletes in the state of Nebraska for providing us with such insight. I always look forward to your articles, post and videos. As a NE season ticket holder since the 80’s I have taken my son to almost all games. My son is now in middle school and has played pop warner the past two years. Two years from now he will be attending Millard North and playing the same postion as Urban (his highschool idol). The one thing I took from your assessment was SPEED! I note Redzone is a good resource to teach fundamental. However we lack real issue which is speed to get instate kids to play at the level they desire. Its seems as if ALL the big name colleges look for speed first. We need to emphasis this in our state to either our coaches or implement this outside of high school practice so our kids can get recruited and play ball in the state they grew up in. Sorry for the long drawn out post but again I repect your site the best as it gets to the issues which affects Nebraska Kids. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  2. 1player2another
    January 23, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

    Good points huskerhighschoolfootballfan. High school fotball players in Nebraska need to work on speed. That seems to be the major deal breaker when it comes to getting d-1a offers in this state. Ya think these players looking to get offered would figure that out by now and get busy finding someone to help them do it.

    I think Urban is one heck of a football player and like Will Cummings wrote he is d-1a offerable material right now. i watched the film and he looks faster than 4.59 or he just plays like it. Some players play faster than their listed 40 time and Urban looks like he does for sure. i think for him his height might be more of a factor. but getting his time down wouldn’t hurt. I know O’Hanlon was a walk-on but he is a 5-11 safety. Either way i bet a lot of colleges will take a long hard look at him. He just shows so much on film. If you saw the film did you see how high he jumped in pads to knock down those passes? Geeeeez! Sign him up NU!