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  1. Pete
    April 4, 2009 @ 10:44 pm

    Sounds like Mizaur has a great chance for a D-I scholarship, especially slotted in at safety…perhaps even as a RB. How does someone like DB Chris Lucido from Burke compare to Mizaur and Wade? Heard he got an invite to K-State’s junior day and spring game to go with previous ones to NU and UCLA. Does he have a decent shot at a D-I scholarship, too?

    • Crusher
      April 6, 2009 @ 12:14 am

      Burke’s Chris Lucido is a legit D-1 prospect—I have talked about him for the past year, Click the following link witten back in June–

        before the ’08 season even started

      Pre-season:Class of 2010 Players To Watch List. But as you know there are thousands of legit D-1 prospects out there vying for scholarships. If you multiply 119 D-1 schools by 21 (the average number of scholarships each school will offer), there are approximately 2,500 D-1 scholarships available every year. Historically, the state of Nebraska only produces an average of 11 D-1 players per year–only 7 last year. In fact the number of D-1 players produced by this state are trending down over the past few years.

      So keep all the above in perspective when we talk about D-1 prospects.

      Lucido in comparison to Mizaur and Wade comes down to what a particular team’s need are and what it is looking for out of their Dbs. Lucido seems to be more of a finesse player–more of a free safety than a strong safety, while Wade and Mizaur like to bring the wood to the party. Right now out of the three. Mizuar has the best chance of going D-1 because of his skills and early notoriety. Wade seems to have the most upside because of his quickness and his flexibility–he could play CB, SS or FS. However, most teams are pretty specific about what position they will recruit. In my opinion, Wade is the only one of the three who could be an effective CB at the D-1 level. Mizaur could be a heck of a SS and Lucido a very good FS.