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  1. Paul B
    January 16, 2011 @ 5:55 pm

    GREAT STORY!!! It was absolutely facinating from beginning to end. I can’t wait til they make the movie about Tommy. Wow! Sent the link to al my Friends too. Classic!

    • Will Cummings
      January 17, 2011 @ 2:16 pm

      Paul B: Thanks. Tommy Morrison’s carrer is one of the all-time greatest rags-to-glory-to-rags stories in sports history and it still isn’t over.

    January 16, 2011 @ 11:36 pm

    Is that SOB Morrison crazy? “HIV does not exist” and “it’s a myth.” The world’s top scientists beg to differ on that view.

    Since 1980, when the symptoms of AIDS were first observed and in 1981 when the HIV-1 “virus” was discovered to be the cause, over 30 million people have died from it! Nearly 23 million deaths have been in Africa. Today, about 2 million people die every year from the disease. There is no cure! As for him not having any symptoms the HIV virus is known to lay dormant for 20 years or more before it develops into AIDS. The average lifetime of a person being diagnosed with AIDS is 9 months without any treatment. They could live as long as 5 years taking the best medication available.HIV is real and AIDS is deadly. Shame on you Tommy Morrison.

    Thanks Darin Allen and Will Cummings for this story because it led me to research AIDS for the first time in my life. Allen’s wild ass interview with Morrison and the earlier video interview were priceless. In that video he admitted to doing steroids. I was shocked that guy doing the interview didn’t ask him if he was on steroids during his early boxing career too? I think he knows that he is infected but he is in denial. Still he made some good points. I’m just surprised he didn’t mention how the NBA let Magic Johnson play with HIV. Morrison is a fascinating character; his life plays out like a great Greek tragedy. Good stuff.

    • Will Cummings
      January 17, 2011 @ 2:30 pm

      HIV AIDS FACTS: Great post!!! HIV and AIDS are not to be taken lightly, but maybe Morriosn’s mind (saying it does not exist) somehow helps him manage; at least I hope that’s the case. Magic Johnson did set a precedent–he was allowed to compete even though he admitted he had HIV. Cuts, scrapes, busted lips and noses happen all the time in basketball too.

      Good point about the admitted steriods use: I was shocked that there was no follow-up on that answer. Yep a Greek tragedy all day long! I wonder who will play him in the movie that Hollywood is sure to make?

  3. The Duchess
    January 21, 2011 @ 4:50 pm

    This is the “Duchess” !

    That fight for truth can begin with a courageous boxer -….Tommy Morrison

    The Duke and I returned from Montreal, Quebec,Canada.
    We are so looking forward to going back for the fight on February 25th with SP Promotions of Canada and with the full permission of the medical field and the Montreal Commission.

    Our intentions are good and our request was to dispell the notion of the DUKE having a
    so-called contagious virus that was named:” THE HIV VIRUS ” and that was presented to and labeled on him in 1996 -copies of results of which we still have never been able to retrieve from anyone no matter how many people we ask.

    To set the record straight- The DUKE does want to do THE HIV VIRUS TEST to detect whether the presence of The HIV VIRUS is in his system or not.
    A “stygma” that has been placed on him since 1996…almost 15-16 years ago. A Death Sentence to be more candid. A “disease” that if you didn’t take the medication you would DIE.

    A simple HIV VIRUS TEST would detect the HIV VIRUS -right?

    So we have reached out to the Commissions and for them to reach out to their medical advisory boards to make contact with us and provide the HIV VIRUS TEST so that he can get back his livelihood…his passion for boxing is tremendous..his strength and courage and faith is one of a kind.

    We ask simply for the following information from anywhere in the world ( a virus is a virus right?):
    1. *NAME OF A LAB …so we know it is a reputable place
    2. *NAME OF THE HIV VIRUS TEST…so we know that it is a reputable test
    3. *BRAND MAKE OF THE HIV VIRUS TEST…so we know that it is up-to-date
    4. *INSTRUCTIONS OF HOW THE HIV VIRUS TEST IS TAKEN…so we know if he shouldn’t eat a poppyseed bagel the day before or take an H1N1 shot or anything like that
    5. *WHERE THE HIV VIRUS TESTS ARE DONE…so we know it is a clean and reputable location
    6. *WHERE AND WHO THE RESULT OF THE HIV VIRUS TEST IS SENT TO…so we know that no HIPPAA Law is violated
    7. *IT MUST BE AN HIV VIRUS TEST THAT 100% CONFIRMS THE PRESENCE OF THE H.I.V. we know that it is the correct test and no further doubts in peoples minds (you would want to know you were 100% pregnant right? and not just eating too many donuts after 9 months! and if you are a man -you would REALLY want to know…LOL)
    8. ANY DISCLAIMERS THAT COME ALONG WITH THE HIV VIRUS TEST IN THE TEST KIT…some people are allergic to penicillin it’s just normal to ask the risks of any tests and the pluses and minuses of tests-right?

    That fight for truth can begin with a courageous boxer, -Tommy Morrison – he didn’t die by the time he got to his car when they said he would….he doesn’t take the “prescribed medication” for this HIV VIRUS” because after researching he finds out the meds kill you…he has never had a symptom of “this HIV VIRUS”…ever…since the first day he was “verbally told” he had “the HIV VIRUS” and then to be told he was “contagious” and could no longer fight in the the sport that he helped make famous …wouldn’t you too want to fight for the truth?

    It shouldn’t take long to find the HIV VIRUS TEST…someone must have it..we are on a deadline time-crunch here and it’s NOT because the Duke is dying! it’s because the Duke wants to fight in Montreal, Canada on February 25th,2011 ! and so does his opponent !