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Top 25 Nebraska H.S. Basketball Prospects

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Announcement: The 2012-2013 MHN Midseason Nebraska Boys H.S. Basketball Prospects ranking will be released on Thursday January 31.

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Offer your nominations by filling out and submitting the email form that appears at the following link Top 25 Nebraska Boys Basketball  Prospect Nominations . 2013 Preseason Top 25
Nebraska High School Basketball Prospects
MHN-Top-25-Basketball-Prospect-banner: featuring Akoy Agau
1.. Akoy Agau, 6-9, SF, Omaha Central, Sr.
2.Josiah Gustafson 6-5, F, Millard North, Sr.
3.Tra-Deon Hollins, 6-1, G, Omaha Central, Sr.
4.Cam Williams, 6-0, G, Omaha South, Sr.
5.Tre’Shawn Thurman, 6-7, F, Omaha Central, Jr.
6.Khyri Thomas, 6-4, G, Omaha Benson, Jr.
7.Brett Dougherty, 6-6, F, Papillion-La Vista, Jr.
8. Connor Lusso, 6-5, F, Millard West, Sr.
9. Nick Billingsley, 6-4, SF, Omaha Central, Sr.
10.Kevin Scott, 6-1, G, Omaha Central, Sr.
11.Ryan Tegtmeier, 6-0, G, BDS, Sr.
12.Nathan Wieseler, 6-8, C, Wynot, Sr.
13.Adam Moon, 6-7, C, St. Mary’s, Jr.
14.Nate Kuhl, 6-7, C, Johnson Co. Central, Sr.
15.B.J. Day, 6-4, F, Lincoln Southeast, Jr.
16.Erik Evans, 6-.3, F, Waverly, Sr.
17..Zach Flott, 6-5, F, Ralston, Jr.
18.Noah Housh, 6-4, F, Lincoln North Star, Sr.
19.Rylee Reinertson, 6-3, G, Gibbon, Jr.
20.Nicholas Christensen, 6-1, G, Raymond Central, Sr.
21.Jakson Reetz, 6-0, G, Norris, Jr.
22. Eric Moreno, 6-3, F, Scottsbluff, Sr.
23.Jason Towery, 6-4, F, Lincoln North Star, So.
24.Chandler Folkerts, 6-8, C, Milford, Sr.
25.Jonathan Abbott, 6-1, G, Wahoo, Sr.
Top Mentioned: Cody Corfield, 6-1, G, Paxton, Sr.; Ben Scheef, 6-2, G, Wahoo, Jr.; Logan Fleming, 6-0, G, High Plains, Jr.; Luke Glenn, 5-11, G, Shelton, 5-11, Sr.; Z ac Crowley, 6-1, G, Elm Creek, Sr.; Mat Gooch, 6-5, F, Howells-Dodge, Sr.; Matt Goltz, 6-3, F, Falls City Sacred Heart, Jr.; John Wieser, 6-1, G, Humphrey St. Francis, Sr.; Jalen Barry, 5-10, G Wayne, Jr.

2011/2012 End-of-Season

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Top 25 Nebraska High School Basketball Prospects

1.. Mike Gesell, 6-1, G, South Sioux City, Sr.
2. Akoy Agau, 6-9, SF, Omaha Central, Jr.
3.Jalen Bradley, 6-0, G, Norfolk, Sr.
4.Josiah Gustafson 6-5, F, Millard North, Jr.
5.TraDeon Hollins, 6-1, G, Omaha Central, Jr.
6.Trey Moore, 5-10, G, Papillion-La Vista, Sr.
7.Connor Beranek, 6-5, F, Ravenna, Sr.
8. Trevaun Hymer, F, 6-9, Omaha Burke, Sr.
9. Dylan Travis, 6-2, G, Omaha Gross, Sr.
10.Austin Groth 6-1 , G, South Sioux City, Sr.
11.Drew Ott, 6-4, P F, Giltner, Sr.
12.Ethan Montalvo, 6-0, G, Omaha Bryan, Sr.
13.Darian Barrientos-Jackson, 6-2, G, Omaha Central, Sr.
14.Devon Watts, 6-1, G, Boys Town, Sr.
15.Alex Starkel, 6-7, C, Norfolk, Sr.
16.Tre’Shawn Thurman, 6-7, F, Central So.
17..Nick Billingsley, 6-3, SF, Omaha North, Jr.
18.Trey Bardsley, 5-8, G, Beatrice, Sr.
19.Zach Clemens, 6-5, F, Scottsbluff, Sr.
20.Cam Williams, 6-0, G, Omaha South, Jr.
21.Trevor Cyboron, 5-11, G, Ravenna, Sr
22. John Harris, 6-2, G, Lincoln High, Sr.
23.Connor Lusso, 6-5, F, Millard West, Jr.
24.Levi Gipson, 6-2, G, Lincoln Christian, Sr.
25.Kiefer Musiel, 6-4, F, Lincoln North Star, Sr.

Top Mentioned: Deon Pettigrew, 6-5,F , Bellevue West, Sr.; Khyri Thomas, 6-4, F, Benson, So.; Max Cook , 6-0, G, Wahoo, Sr.; Nathan Wieseler,6-8, C, Wynot, Jr.; Adam Moon, 6-7, C, St. Mary’s, So.; Jacob Olmstead, 6-2, F, Overton, Sr.; Ryan, Tegtmeier, 6-0, G, BDS, Jr.; Nate Kuhl, 6-7, C, Johnson Co. Central, Jr.; Carson Blum, 6-0, G, Mimnden, Sr.; Max Cook, 6-0, G, Wahoo, Sr.; Jeremiah Dotzler, 6-0, G, Bellevue West, Sr.; Tait Sibbel, 6-1, G, St. Mary’s, Sr.; Tyron Criswell, 6-5, Omaha Benson, Sr.; Kevin Scott, 6-1, G, Omaha Central, Jr.; Joe Imig, 5-11,G, , Omaha Bryan, Sr.; Keithan Karn, 6-3, G, Elkhorn South, Sr.; Jared Blum, 6-4, F, Gretna, Sr.; Erich Nickman, 5-9, G, Lincoln Pius X, Sr.; Raquim Brown, 6-8, C, Omaha Benson, Sr.; David Mcdonald, 6-10, C, Aurora, Sr.; Deondre White, 6-1, G, Lincoln High, Sr.






  1. Jim
    October 18, 2010 @ 9:36 am

    What about John Harris and Deondre White from lhs and Jordan Shore from lne?


  2. Anonymous
    October 25, 2010 @ 8:22 am

    this dude who made this list hasnt a clue not having diondre white on here serious this kid can play already has d1 interests


    • Will Cummings
      October 25, 2010 @ 3:48 pm

      Anonymous: Thanks for the info.


  3. Anonymous
    January 4, 2011 @ 4:05 pm

    john harris and diondre white are receiving d1 interest


  4. Anonymous
    January 27, 2011 @ 10:43 am

    Deondre White is in the top ten Point Gaurds in the state!! Coach Noble is a dickhead an wont let his star players shine!! And john harris is in the top five athletes in the state hands down hes an all around hustle player.. White has the ability to be unstoppable when given the green light! Noble holds him back.. Why i do not know!


  5. Genius
    October 16, 2011 @ 6:23 pm

    Tre’Vaun Hymer is a “SLEEPER”. and needs to be watched his senior season. Tre Hymer is one of a few athletes who can boast Division 1 Statis for both FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL. I wonder how many players can say that! Boston College/ Iowa State/ Ohio/ Tulane/ Yale/ South Dakota/ South Dakota State/ North Dakota/ IUPUI…just to name a few colleges looking at him right now! A top player in Nebraska I would watch.


    • Will Cummings
      October 18, 2011 @ 7:44 am

      Yea, I had a couple emails mentioning Hymer and I’ve seen some film. I’m just not 100% sold on him yet but I knew he belonged in the 25. We’ll see how far he climbs.


  6. Anonymous
    February 12, 2012 @ 1:43 am

    TRE Hymer is back! after injury he has upgraded the Burke basketball team! after only a few games left he has made his team better! exapmle: BEATING Creighgton prep in the last part of the season! First time every by Burke High! Thanx to Tre Hymer the Prep Coach decided for the first time to not report there Stats to the Public!


    • Will Cummings
      February 12, 2012 @ 9:13 pm

      Good to hear he’s back ballin’ but it’s too late to help the poor ol’ Bulldogs.
      Central and Norfolk undefeated: one of them got to lose. It would be nice if they would meet in the final!

      How many times have 2 undefeated Nebraska high school teams met in a state final game in any class?


  7. Bill Jacobitz
    June 27, 2012 @ 3:58 pm

    Ethan Brozek, starter as a freshman at UNK has quit the team. Does anyone know where he is going to play next year?


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