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Hit Web LogoImprove your chances of getting noticed by college football coaches and recruiters

Let Hit Sports Video Editing Company hook you up this 2011 football season by helping you to get noticed by college coaches and recruiters so that you have a better shot at landing a scholarship.

We produce quality highlight videos – at affordable prices – that effectively showcase the talents of our clients, but we don’t stop there!

Choose Hit Highlights to produce your next highlight video and we’ll maximize your exposure by providing you with a free fully functional SEO optimized MyWebThang© website that features your:

  • Highlight video
  • Stats, honors/awards
  • Online articles links

*We also throw in a photo slideshow gallery and upload your video to You Tube.

We do all the work of setting up your site. All you need do is supply us with the materials and info that you want featured.

Hit is not a recruiting service but we have the know-how and resources to do all they do and more at a fraction of the cost.

Team Discount rates Available (minimum of 3 athletes to qualify)

For more details on how Hit Highlights can help you get noticed, visit our website @ If you still have questions see our ‘Contact Us‘ page where you will find our toll-free telephone number and email address.


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