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Class of 2010 Football Scholarship/Commitments

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Last Updated 06/7/10 @ 7:20 p.m.

Signing Day Latest: Lucido, Omaha Burke-Augustana; Coleman, Omaha North-Southeast Missouri State; Belina, Howells-Augustana; Gebhardt, Burwell-Augustana; Royuk, Fremont-Augustana; Stark, Elkhorn-Augustana; UNO commits Thomas, Papillon-LVS; Eccles-Elkhorn; Nash-Lincoln High; Semisch-Millard North; Kowalski-Paipillion; South Dakota State: Korus, and Krings–Humphrey St Francis (Class D); Colorado School of Mines: Rasmussen-Papillion; Barrios-Omaha Gross; Minnesota State-Mankato: Hofmeister-Millard South and Meeker-Millard West; University of Nebraska at Kearney’s commit list can be found here; Wayne State commits can be found here;; Iowa Western CC: Lewis and Bullock-Papillion; POST SIGNING DAY COMMITS: Robbie Jensen–Nebraska walk-on, C, 6-3, 280, Creighton Prep; Danny Faulkner–St. Benedictine (NAIA), OL, 6-5, 265, Creighton Prep; Austin Elliot–Drake (see below); Stephon Washington, Burke–UNO.

 Nebraska HS Football  
 Class of 2010
Scholarship Offers/Commitments Board
Name, High SchoolHt, WtPosSchool Committed “C”         

Division I A
Andrew Rodriguez, Aurora6-6, 310OL NebraskaC
Tyler Evans,
6-2, 180 ATH NebraskaC
Bryce Dietz,
Lincoln North Star
6-5 285OLOhio UniversityC
 Jake Cotton,
Lincoln S E
6-7, 265  ATHNebraska  C
Bronson Marsh
Millard North  
6-0, 205 QB/S Nebraska (Gray Shirt),
University of Nebraska at Omaha   
Lincoln Hansen
Millard North
6-6, 300OLJacksonville, Nicholls State, Southeast Missouri State, Eastern Michigan,( Nebraska Walk-on)C
Division IAA
Jese Hinz,
6-4, 280OLNorth Dakota State C
Christian Dudzik, Omaha Skutt Cath. 5-11, 180 ATH North Dakota State. South Dakota State  C
 Yusef Wade,
Lincoln North Star
5-10, 175 DB/RB North Dakota, University of Nebraska (Walk-on)Accepted 
Kyle Emanuel,
6-2, 220 LB North Dakota State 
Nick  Mizaur
Creighton Prep
5-11, 195 Princeton U, Brown U, Nebraska (Walk-on) C 
Austin Elliot
North Platte 
6-5, 221 DE Princeton, Drake C
Gary Hiatt
Millard South
6-3, 280OLNorth Dakota, Minnesota State Mankato
Chris Lucido
Omaha Burke
5-11, 180DBUniversity of Pennsylvania,  Colorado Mines, University of  Sioux Falls, Augustana
Matt Longacre
Millard West
DLNorth Dakota, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Northwest Missouri State, Nebraska walk-onC
Myles Jablonski
Omaha Skutt
6-1, 190LBNorth DakotaC
Jeff Uher
Creighton Prep
DLNebraska (Walk-on)Accepted 
Ron Coleman
Southeast Missouri State
RBSoutheast Missouri StateC
Matthew Korus
Humphrey St Francis
5-11, 180DBSouth Dakota StateC
Nick Krings
Humphrey St Francis
6-4, 215DESouth Dakota StateC
Division II
Savontae Brown
Lincoln North Star 
6-3, 280 DL University of Nebraska at Omaha, Northwest Missouri  State
 Lavant Moore
Omaha Burke
6-3, 180 WR University of Nebraska at Omaha   
Jeff Seybold
Lincoln Southwest 
5-10, 195 RBUniversity of Nebraska at Omaha C 
Austin Williams
Omaha Burke
6-2, 190LBUniversity of Nebraska at Omaha , Nebraska (Walk-on)Accepted
Tyler Wullenwaber
6-1, 180WRNorthwest Missouri State, Nebraska (Walk-on)Accepted
Matt Bowman,
6-2, 235LBKansas State (walk-on) 
Chris Reed,
Omaha Central
6-5, 300OLMinnesota State -MankatoC
Ben Renshaw,
Millard North
6-5, 215WRUniversity of Nebraska at  OmahaC
Dillon Schrodt, Lincoln North Star6-3, 180WRNebraska (Walk-on)
Note: Holds D-1A scholarship offers in track
Trevor Roach, Elkhorn6-3, 225LBNebraska (Walk-on)Accepted
Sean Campbell
RBUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyC
Joe Trouba
Creighton Prep
TEWayne State C
Zach Albrecht
6-3, 205WRUniveristy of Nebraska at Kearney, Colorado State Universtiy PuebloC
Jake Ramsaay
Lincoln Pius X
5-8, 150KUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaC
Jarrett Grabbe
6-3, 265DLUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaC
Adam Stark
5-11, 175WRWayne StateC
Brent Scholte
Battle Creek
6-5, 290OLWayne StateC
Zach Bierman
Battle Creek
6-3, 190WRWayne StateC
Taylor Anderson
Omaha Burke
5-9, 160 University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of Nebraska at KearneyC
Clint Belina
Evan Royuk
6-1, 230LBAugustanaC
Scott Stark
6-2, 215RB/LBAugustanaC
Grant Gebhardt
6-0, 165WR/DBAugustanaC
Dane Eccles
6-1, 185SUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaC
Devon Nash
Lincoln High
6-4, 225LBUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaC
Chandler Thomas
6-4, 245DLUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaC
Justin Kawolski
6-4,220DLUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaC
 Tim Semisch
Millard North
6-9, 230TEUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaC
Chase Rasmussen Papillion 6-4, 195WRColorado School of MinesC
Russell Barrios
Omaha  Gross
5-8, 170KColorado School of MinesC
Matt Hofmeister
Millard South
6-5, 280DTMinnesota State-MankatoC
Joshua Meeker
Millard West
6-1, 275OLMinnesota State-MankatoC
 Joey Felici
Millard South
 5-9,  175 DB Nebraska (Wak-on) Accepted
 Tyson McGill
 6-1, 225 LB/FB Nebraska (Wak-on)  Accepted
 JC Moore
 6-3, 240 DE Nebraska (Wak-on) Accepted
Zach Taylor
Lincoln Southeast
6-0, 190RB Nebraska (Wak-on)Accepted
Cody Calhoun
6-2, 180WRWayne State C
Derek Foster
Elm Creek 
5-11, 180  SNebraska (Walk-on) Accepted 
Adrew Gdowski
Grand Island
6-3, 240DLNebraska (Walk-on)  Accepted
Tyler Swanson6-1,
OLUniversity of Sioux Falls C
Tyler Chamness6-2-190DBPeru State 
     Junior College
Antaries Daniels
Omaha Northwest 
5-11, 190DB Iowa Western Community College C 
Glenn Lewis
6-1, 180 WR Iowa Western Community College   C
Sir Bullock
6-2, 185 WR Iowa Western Community College   C 
Donte Beasley
Omaha Burke
RB Iowa Western Community College    C 


  1. Will Jenning
    April 17, 2010 @ 10:18 am

    Donte Beasley signed his letter of intent to iowa western on march 29th


    • admin
      April 18, 2010 @ 12:15 am

      Thanks for the info. I always thought Bealey was very good football player. He has a lot of upside. Hopefully, things will work out for him at IW.


  2. Will
    July 9, 2010 @ 2:09 am

    No problem. Also what I have heard about Beasley is that he’s around 5’11 220 and is looking at playing linebacker. How do you think that’ll workout judging that he played rb in highschool?


    • admin
      July 10, 2010 @ 10:50 am

      It’s pretty common for high school RB’s to move to DB and LB in college. Beasley is quick and athletic so he should have no problem making the transition as long as he keeps his focus. Assuming that he is not gun shy, his biggest obstacles will be footwork and learning his assignments. Get to work–now–on footwork, asking question and spend a lot in the film room.


  3. Steve Holmes
    July 11, 2010 @ 12:18 pm

    Beasley hasn’t played any likes of rb or fb since his sophomore year. I have a source suggesting that he will make a run for strong safety after he shaves about 10 pounds. I attended a couple of his practices last summer at burke and he had hands down some of the best footwork I’ve seen on the ladder drill by a lb or db in some time. I believe IWCC have a great player in this kid. If things work out for him he’ll be going d-1 after his 2 years are up.


  4. MJ
    August 20, 2010 @ 1:46 pm

    Have you seen Tyler Johnson from Creighton Prep?


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